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Once you've successfully set up subscriptions, Showpad pushes the relevant notification in an HTTP request to your specified URL endpoint.

The structure of the notification payload is the same no matter the event you've subscribed to. You can review the Payload Reference to view a description and example of each item included in a notification.

Upon receiving notifications, the HTTP status code returned to Showpad determines what happens next.

Payload Structure

The payload is sent in standard JSON format and consists of an outer event object and one or more inner data objects with the relevant event data.

Event object

The outer event object contains the following information:

InformationData TypeDescription
typestringThe event type.
specversionstringThe schema version of the event.
idstringThe event's Showpad identifier.
timestring (date time)The date and time of the event.

Data objects

The inner data object(s) contains the details of the event that triggered the webhook. The content of the data object(s) varies depending on the type of event.


"type": "shared-space-user-added",
"specversion": 1,
"id": "c40b30f2-fabf-4c89-aed0-f5f5aaac9a24",
"time": "2022-15-30T06:45:00.250Z",
"data": {
"inviter": {
"userId": "d40cce9cdc0945298b8120ca7de4adc7",
"shareActorId": "e3dff281ad48421fb32de1cbab3a627f",
"email": ""
"invitee": {
"userId": "8463e2b6c0c44715b20b2fd65201bfae",
"shareActorId": "f4ce56f640d94e8490d7ee3bf2d41784",
"email": ""
"sharedSpace": {
"id": "14aade8219854ed5b096b759e036e646",
"name": "Breakfast Service"