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Showpad Apps Overview

Showpad If you want to create custom sales applications and integrations specific to your company, industry, and market, you can do that without losing Showpad’s excellent sharing and tracking capabilities. Showpad's enterprise-grade deployment and permission settings allow you to stay in control of who has access to each sales application, and content analytics help you see what content works and what doesn't.

These applications can be mobile-friendly calculators, configurators, personalized content navigations, or interactive presentations. The possibilities are endless. Showpad Apps are compatible with all Showpad mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows) and with Showpad's Web app.

Key Features

  • Developer-friendly apps built with standard frontend web application tools: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Simple installation and version updates via API.

  • Fully integrated within Showpad (vs. standalone Web apps and HTML content)

  • Deploy, distribute, and manage apps assigned to one or more Showpad organizations.

  • Easily extend the Showpad platform with your own awesomeness.

  • Possibility of inclusion within the Showpad EcoSystem.

What are Showpad Apps?

Showpad Apps are custom applications that you create. A Showpad App is made of one or multiple Extensions that are rendered/embedded on various extension points. For example an App can contain:

Experience TypeAn extension that you can use to create your own Experiences. These Experiences are an interactive way to organize content for your sales reps. They're used to navigate through your sales content by selecting and opening the content within it.
Admin SettingsAn extension where the admin configure the App.
User SettingsAn extension where the seller can setup his preferences for this same App.

As the creator of the app, you're in control of all aspects of your app:

  • the content available,
  • the functions it performs,
  • the look and feel,
  • and more!

When you've completed developing your masterpiece, you can assign it to one or more organizations so their administrators can install it, modify it within the limitations you've defined, and publish it.