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Introduction to Showpad Apps

Legacy Process

The information here applies only for Showpad Apps v1 (deprecated). While your existing v1 Showpad Apps will continue to work, we strongly recommend:

Showpad Apps allow you to organize and present your Showpad content in your own custom apps to give all the feels and provide maximum effect. They let you take advantage of the Showpad eOS™ to create unique applications perfectly tailored to meet your specific needs and brand.


Key Features

  • Developer-friendly, build apps with standard frontend web application tools: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Simple installation and version updates via API.

  • Fully integrated within Showpad (vs. standalone Web apps and HTML content)

  • Deploy, distribute, and manage apps assigned to one or more Showpad organizations.

  • Easily convert to Experience Apps.

  • Possibility of inclusion within the Showpad EcoSystem.

Can't wait to get started? Check out our 5min Quick Start guide.