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Best Practices

Showpad wants your custom Showpad App to be spectacular. While you're in total control of the design and development of your app, we've come up with a few best practices to take into consideration:

  • Be sure you're familiar with Showpad concepts and terminology.

  • Have clearly defined goals and requirements for your app.

  • Use the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle.

  • Be consistent and use standardized naming conventions.

  • Make your code as easy to understand as possible for easy collaboration.

  • Keep your DOM (Document Object Model) as lean as possible. Hide/remove elements you are not using.

  • Showpad Apps are shown in an iframe, so you should make sure your viewport dimensions and overflow are set up correctly. When possible, use a responsive design.

  • Don’t rely on asset IDs. They can be different on different platforms.

  • Some functions are not available on all platforms. Put them in a try-catch and handle these cases gracefully.

  • Test, test, test (in your Showpad instance).