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Legacy Process

The information here applies only for Showpad Apps v1 (deprecated). While your existing v1 Showpad Apps will continue to work, we strongly recommend:

AssignmentA relation between a Showpad App version and an organization. This relation makes a version of an app available to designated organizations to install or update the app.
Experience Apps (legacy)Custom-developed Showpad Experiences.

Note: These apps are unique to a single Showpad instance.
OrganizationAn entity with a Showpad instance.
Partner CodeThe unique identifier of an organization.

This code is available in the Install App dialog in the Showpad Apps section of the Admin Settings menu on Showpad's Online Platform. This code is used as the organisationId when assigning a Showpad App via API.
Showpad AppsCustom-developed applications that are assigned to organizations by developers and added to the core of Showpad via installation by adminstrators.

Note: These apps can be assigned to a multiple Showpad instances.
VersionAn iteration of an app.