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Migrate v1 to v2

Already created a Showpad App and want to migrate it to take advantage of the v2 manifest and extension types? No problem, you can migrate app in a few short steps!

1. Move Resources

The first step is to move all of your app's resources to a separate folder (e.g., experience) and leave the manifest in the app's root folder.


2. Migrate Manifest

Update your manifest to the v2 format and define an Experience type extension.

Use the v1 appId as the v2 appKey and Experience type's extensionKey. If your new app includes multiple Experience types, this makes it easy to identify the correct Experience type.

Use the new folder (created in Step 1) as the Resources folder.

"$schema": "",
"schema": {
"type": "app-manifest",
"version": 2
"appKey": "",
"name": "Upgrade v1 - v2 test",
"version": "1.0.1",
"description": {
"short": "Upgrade v1 - v2 test",
"full": "Testing upgrade from apps-v1 to apps-v2"
"images": [],
"developer": {
"name": "Showpad",
"websiteUrl": ""
"experienceTypes": [
"extensionKey": "",
"name": "Test Upgrade Experience",
"description": "An upgrade test",
"resources": {
"folder": "experience"

3. Upgrade App

Upgrade the app by creating a new Showpad Bundle and uploading it to Showpad. Be sure to use the original appId.

Congratulations! You've just migrated your Showpad App to v2!