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Manage Assignments

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To manage app assignments to other organizations, you must have:

  • the versionID of the app version to assign, and
  • the other organization's Partner Code.

Once an app is uploaded and successfully processed, it's automatically assigned to your developer organization.


Assign App

You can assign your app to another organization by creating the assignment. This can be done by calling:

POST /app-portal/v1/versions/{versionId}/assignments

"organisations": [
{ "id": "{{organisationId}}" }

The response will contain all existing assignments and the assignment you've just created.

"organisations": [{ "id": "XXX" }, { "id": "YYY" }]

All done! The organization's administrator will now be able to install the assigned version of your app and publish it.

Unassign App


When an app version is unassigned. It will stop working for the organization it was unassigned from. It can take several minutes before the unassigment is processed on all servers.

To unassign an app version from an organzation:

  1. Ensure you have the versionId of the version you want to unassign.

  2. Retrieve a list of the version's current organization assignments:

    GET /app-portal/v1/versions/{versionId}/assignments
    "organisations": [
    "id": "abc-123",
    "assignedBy": "xxx",
    "assignedAt": "2023-05-03T14:55:58.971Z"
    "id": "def-456",
    "assignedBy": "xxx",
    "assignedAt": "2023-05-03T14:55:17.022Z"
  3. Find the id of the organization that the version should be unassigned from.

  4. Using the id you just identified, you can delete the assignment to that specific organization:

    DELETE https://{subdomain}{versionId}/assignments/organisations/{organisationId}

    Upon successful deletion, you’ll receive a 204 No Content response with no body.

That's it! The unassigned version is no longer usable by the specified organization.


Assign App

The apps assign command enables you to assign a specific version of your app to one or more Showpad organizations. To use this command, follow the instructions below:

Assigning without options

npx experience-app-cli apps assign
yarn experience-app-cli apps assign

If you run the command without any additional options, a prompt will appear to select the app and version.

  1. Choose the desired app from the provided list.
? Select an app (Use arrow keys)
  1. Select the version of the app to be assigned.
? Select an app
? Select an version (Use arrow keys)
❯ 1.0.0
  1. The command will prompt for the organization IDs, which should be entered as a comma-separated list.
? Select an app
? Select an version 1.0.0
? Enter a comma separated list of the organisation IDs to assign the version to

Assigning with options

npx experience-app-cli apps assign --organisations e462e148-0b5e-11ee-be56-0242ac120002 f5053d37-0b7e-11ee-be56-0242ac120002  --version-id 01H28FJ5MM5TQQF942P56RHFZ9
yarn experience-app-cli apps assign --organisations e462e148-0b5e-11ee-be56-0242ac120002 f5053d37-0b7e-11ee-be56-0242ac120002  --version-id 01H28FJ5MM5TQQF942P56RHFZ9

You can specify organizations and an app version using the --organisations and --version-id options:

  1. Enter the organization IDs as a list with the --organisations option.
  2. Enter the version ID with the --version-id option.