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Error Reference

                        Key                      MessageDescription
wrong-extensionThe bundle should have the .showpad extension.Your final package should have the .showpad extension.
invalid-bundleThe bundle could not be read/extracted.The bundle was incorrectly packaged. It's best to use the Experience App SDK for this.
manifest-not-foundNo manifest.json found.We could not find a manifest.json file in the package.
manifest-invalid-formatThe manifest.json file could not be read.The contents of the manifest.json file should be valid JSON.
manifest-invalid-contentsThe manifest has invalid contents.The app identifier and version are not found in the manifest.json file.
invalid-versionThe version in the manifest is invalid.The version is already in use or was used during another upload.
no-index-foundNo index.html found.We could not find an index.html file.
config-invalid-formatThe config.json file could not be read.The config.json file is invalid JSON.
config-invalid-contentsThe contents in config.json could not be parsed.The contents member in config.json has invalid data.
config-invalid-labelsThe labels in the config.json file could not be parsed.The labels member in the config.json file has invalid data.
Version in errorFilename(s) include(s) unsupported charactersThe following characters are not supported in filenames:

/, ?, #, @, !, $, &, *, +, ;,