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AAdministratorA content and user administrator, for Showpad, usually from the marketing department, who imports and updates presentable files for sales reps.

An administrator also manages the users, sends out announcements and consults advanced analytics.

For more information, see the User roles in Showpad article on our Help Center.
AppsDBA key / value store that allows you to enrich your Showpad App with the following key features:
  • Offline Storage
  • Cross Platform
  • Data Protection
AssetAn image, video, or other media file stored in Showpad.

You can view a list of Supported file types on our Help Center.
AssignmentA relation between a Showpad App version and an organization. This relation makes a version of an app available to designated organizations to install or update the app.
BBundleThe process of optimizing your code to reduce the number of server requests.
CCollectionA personalized compilation of marketing-approved content that users can organize and present based on their prospects.

For more information about Collections, see this article on our Help Center.
ContentAll files you uploaded can be described as content in Showpad.

Check out this onboarding guide on our Help Center to learn all content and organizing it.
DDivisionAn organization can be structured in different regions. The content and corresponding users in those regions can be managed independently from one another. You can easily configure and control this structure by using divisions.

For more information, see the Creating a user group article on our Help Center.
EExperienceA guided and interactive way to organize content for sales reps. These interactive Experiences can create engaging conversations with prospects and customers.

  • Classic - The Classic Experience groups content using folders and smart folders.
  • Advanced - Unique Experiences you can tailor to your company's content:
    • Atom - A flexible mind map great for discovery, needs analysis, and first experiences.
    • Mapper - Visual demonstration of products and features in a recognizable environment.
    • Selector - Allows quick filtering of broad content for tailored conversations.
  • Custom - Experiences created from Showpad Apps.
Experience Apps (legacy)Custom-developed sales applications used to create Experiences.

Note: These apps are unique to a single Showpad instance.
Extension typeExtension points that enable you to extend the Showpad platform. Multiple Extension types can be bundled together within a single app.

Three Extension types are available:
MMy FilesA place where sales reps can upload their own content for sharing. The content is still trackable but not viewable by administrators.
OOnline Platform (OP)The administrator portal of Showpad where you can manage content, users, view analytics, send announcements and configure additional features and integrations.
OrganizationAn entity with a Showpad instance.
PPartner CodeThe unique identifier of an organization.

This code is available in the Install App dialog in the Showpad Apps section of the Admin Settings menu on Showpad's Online Platform. This code is used as the organisationId when assigning a Showpad App via API.
RResourcesThe folder in your Extension Type containing the source code of your Extension Type. The entry point will be the Extension's index.html.
SShared SpacesA secure and collaborative space for users to invite external and internal people to view content, provide comments, and engage all stakeholders in the sales process.
Showpad AppsCustom-developed applications that are assigned to organizations by developers and added to the core of Showpad via installation by adminstrators.

Note: These apps can be assigned to a multiple Showpad instances.
Smart folderA feature within Showpad where administrators can configure folders to automatically pull particular content with specified file properties. These criteria can be file types, specific tags, and division sources.
TTagA label that admins can add to content to make it easier to manage, find, and organize, particularly with Smart Folders.
Tag categoriesGrouping of tags to help keep them organized.
UUserUsers are typically sales reps who present content with the Showpad app on their mobile device. These are the main users of the front-end of Showpad and share content with customers and prospects.

For more information, see the User roles in Showpad article on our Help Center.
User groupA way to organize users in the Online Platform. Groups allow controlling which Divisions and Experiences users have access to.
VVersionAn iteration of an app.