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Showpad CLI

The Showpad CLI stands as Showpad's robust command-line tool, meticulously crafted to streamline the development of Showpad Apps. This versatile utility is built to be future-proof. It empowers you to effortlessly execute a variety of commands, enhancing your app development journey.

Within the apps namespace, the following commands are specifically engineered to elevate your control and oversight of custom-developed applications within the Showpad platform:

AssignYou can streamline the distribution process by assigning a specific app version to one or more Showpad organizations, ensuring precise delivery to your target audience.
BundleThis command creates a .showpad bundle by checking required files and bundling a folder. It defaults to the current working directory.
ListGather detailed information about all your registered apps, simplifying app portfolio management.
StatusObtain real-time insights into your app uploads, enabling you to track progress and swiftly address any issues.
UnassignThis command allows you to unassign an app version from one or more Showpad organizations.
UploadThis command allows you to effortlessly upload your app to Showpad, guaranteeing a smooth deployment process.
VersionsThis command allows you to retrieve a comprehensive list of all available versions for a specific app, allowing you to stay informed about updates and enhancements.
HelpGet more information about commands and their available options.
LoginGenerate a credentials file in the .showpad directory to configure and authenticate multiple profiles.


Dev Environments

The Showpad CLI is compatible with the following environments (Node.js 20+):

  • GNU/Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows


Installation of the Showpad CLI is done during the Development phase with the following command:

npm install @showpad/cli -D

Available Commands

In order to check all possible command please have a look into Commands Overview.